About Select Surgical By AMG Equipment

Select Surgical is the newest division of AMG Equipment. We work with ambulatory surgery centers hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide to provide medical devices and supplies at a discounted rate. Our goal is to provide cost savings or help recover cost for the healthcare facilities we partner with.

Our Commitment

AMG is owned and operated by former supply chain experts, who know how to properly handle and maintain supplies in our facility. We are committed to only providing quality products that meet our high standards. We work to ensure we stay up to date with Join Commission standards and regulations and implement those into our quality control processes. Not only do we check for recalls, expiration dates and quality of packaging. Before we ever list a product for sale, we use our proprietary platform that ties directly into the FDA GUDID database to ensure we recognize the udid nomenclature that is associated with every product.  We understand the perioperative setting & standards. Through our strict processes, worksheets, checklists, and other tools, we do our part to maintain compliance.

Where do we source our products:

Our inventory is purchased directly from healthcare facilities, medical device distributors and medical device manufacturers. We do not buy supplies outside of the United States. Our newly development systems allows us to protect against unregulated supplies by using GS1 UDID  interface to scan every product that comes in helping to ensure product quality.