Why Buy From Select Surgical by AMG Equipment

Why Buy Your Discounted Surgical Supplies from Select Surgical?

At Select Surgical we know that the over all profit margin is getting harder to maximize every year. That is why at Select Surgical we work to offer facility and healthcare professionals another avenue to purchase surgical supplies without sacrificing quality or patient care.

Our customers are able to see an average cost savings of 10% to 35% on new surgical supplies simply by purchasing with Select Surgical powers by AMG.

Our team knows the complexity of navigating Physician preferences and the red tape that often times is associated with the weekly case load or onboarding of a new physician. Working with the Select Surgical team you don’t have to panic. We don’t mandate a volume spend discount model or even a high Unit of Measure commitment so we will work effortlessly to get the supplies you need in time for your case without having to haggle with the rep about pricing or worrying about them in the halls.

Select Surgical works with more than 800 healthcare facility in the United States to purchase their unneeded supplies. We only purchase surgical supplies from US Licensed based facilities. Before any product reaches our platform for purchase, we ensure quality by properly checking in items to ensure the products are in the best condition along with using our FDA integrated system to access UDI for further cross reference to check against recalls and product traceability. We always store our products in a temperature controlled setting and using the best practices set forth by Joint Commission and ARON.